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* To prepare ideal citizens and to educate the society.

* To aware the pupils about various social and natural problems and enable them to solve them.

* To aware the student teachers about the environmental issues.

* To enable the students to develop understanding of the principles of pedagogy and their application in curriculum transaction and evaluation.

* To develop scientific and democratic outlook among the student teachers.

* To develop knowledge, skills and competencies among the students needed for plying multifaced role of the teachers in the new era.

* To bring about physical, emotional, intellectural and ethical integration of student - teachers with a view of evolving a complete teacher possessing the      bsic values of secularism, national integration and truthfulness.

* To enable students to live with harmony as an individual and as a cohesive unit in the teaching learning process and in society.

* To develop national and international understanding among the pupil teachers.

* To inspire students for life long learning.

* To inculcate moral values among the student teachers.

* To achieve the main concept of education modernization and vocationalization.

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